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International Providers

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Identify options for trusted care in 180 countries. These English-speaking doctors, dentists and behavioral health professionals are contracted and profiled. Learn More »

International Facilities

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Locate notable hospitals and clinics and select care based on location, services provided and emergency facilities. Learn More »

International Pharmacies

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Locate notable pharmacies in over 160 countries that offer special resources for international English-speaking travelers. Learn More »

News and Safety

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Promote personal safety by providing vital information related to destination-specific health and security risks. Learn More »

Medicine Equivalents

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Find local equivalents for prescription and over-the-counter medications as sold under different names in different countries. Learn More »

Medical Translations

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Translate medical terms and phrases for many symptoms, concerns and situations in thirteen languages; includes audio. Learn More »

Health Atlas

  • FREE (Public)

Help world travelers manage medical conditions and assess health and safety risks in hundreds of destinations. Learn More »

Emergency Information

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Emergency numbers differ around the globe. Find emergency numbers for police, ambulance and fire assistance. Learn More »

U.S. Embassies

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Find U.S. Embassies around the world. The database includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and office hours. Learn More »

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