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News and Safety

News and Safety

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This partner only API provides access to hundreds of country and city level security profiles as well as a daily compendium of news alerts related to health and safety.

The security profiles and safety related news alerts are provided through an agreement with Drum Cussac, a UK-based global business risk consultancy. HTH Worldwide also publishes health related news alerts available through this API.

News Alerts

Alerts are published daily that cover health and safety related events from the prior twenty-four (24) hours. Each alert is tagged by country and the majority offer specific advice for travelers in that location.

Security Profiles

Country profiles include an overview and sections covering the risks related to instability, terrorism, criminal activity, health and medical and transportation. Each section includes a risk rating. City profiles also include an overview with a risk rating and subsections covering terrorism, criminal activity, conflict, unrest and natural disasters.

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